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Mango Float

Hello my little sweet tooth humans! I’m back with a very casual but delicious dessert. I really love mangoes, Philippine mangoes specifically. UK mangoes are quite different, they’re chunky and not as sweet. This dessert is a combination of mangoes and graham, I hope you like it!

What you need:

1 300g Nestle Thick Cream

1 250 mL Nestle All Purpose Cream

1 300 mL Condensed Milk

3 Mangoes

Graham Crackers


How To:

1. Mix the thick cream, all purpose cream and condensed milk.

2. Slice your mangoes.

3. Start layering the mixed cream, grahams and mangoes alternately until your container is full. Top layer is ideally the mixed cream plus crushed grahams.







After filling up your container, cover all of it with the mixed cream and put it in the freezer. Once frozen or if you prefer it a bit soft still, then serve it with your preferred “hardness”. Sometimes, when this one’s too frozen, you can’t really enjoy it so I suggest that you just let it sit in the freezer for about 40 minutes.

I also like putting them in shot glasses or wine glasses because it seems more presentable. It also gives you proper serving lest the difficulty of slicing frozen desserts. Slice your mangoes into smaller chunks. You may buy crushed grahams in stores but they’re too fine for me, I like them a bit chunky still so I just basically crushed the crackers but not too much. Then layer the ingredients similar to what we did above!



You may fill it up to the brim or just leave it with the mangoes on top so it looks prettier. Let it chill in the fridge (not the freezer!) for 30 minutes and serve.

Easy, eh?

If you decide to recreate this one, tag me on instagram (@rondoesthings) or mention me on twitter (@rownaeh). I’d love to see your own! :)

PS. A special greeting to the love of my life on this special day! P♥R

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