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Brique Modern Kitchen, Cebu

Let’s have a break and a green tea KitKat from my Singapore travel diary.

Anyways, with a good friend of mine, Jan and I went to new place last week which has been long postponed thanks to my mouth surgery shenanigans. It’s called Brique and without resorting to Google translate, I’m thinking it means brick because.. should I even explain? So I actually went to Google translate and guess what, it’s french for brick and the bricks all around the restaurant then made sense. What a fancy way of spelling brick though, I wish it has an accent like Beyoncé so it can level up even more. I mean, Briqué. Okay, let’s move on from my totally made up name issues, haha, I swear Brique knows what’s up and Brique is definitely catchy as is.


Brique has crude, rough details with their interiors but keeps it really neat and elegant at the same time. Also, bricks but no I don’t have photos because I’m not your perfect bloggér. xxx




Jan, my monthly food buddy 

It is a two-storey place around Lahug area in Cebu, just 5 minutes away from IT Park. When you enter, (I’m sorry Brique, but you need to change your door, it’s going in so it clashes with people going out), if you’re lucky and you get a seat right away, they give you this little cork board with their menu clipped on it. I would say that their prices aren’t cheap but still affordable (if you got extra after you splurge all your payday moolah, that is).


Jan decided for a Fish Fillet with Porcini Spinach Beurre Blanc and Asuete Ginger Chicken for me. Both of which are really delicious but not on the same genre. First things first, let’s dissect the fish fillet non-english terms, Beurre means butter, Blanc is white, Porcini is a mushroom and Spinach is Popeye’s you-know-what. And this is definition of heaven. Well one of, but it definitely tastes so good. It’s a perfect creamy dish with just the right herbs to spice it up. Mine was the Asuete Ginger Chicken which is a moderately spicy dish that goes with a soy lime glaze which really compliments the chicken. I have to say that the soy lime glaze defines the dish as it brings out the flavors and neutralizes the spiciness as well. You can get either rice or house salad to go with the entree. Their house salad is this simple yet appetizing greens with balsamic vinaigrette and it goes perfectly with both entrees.


Fish Fillet with Porcini Spinach Beurre Blanc – Sautéed lamon-lamon fillet with Porcini mushrooms and spinach in a white wine butter cream sauce.


Asuete Ginger Chicken – Grilled Asian spiced half chicken with soy lime glaze.


OPM Blend smoothie (pineapple, mango and orange), ABC Twist (avocado, banana and coconut juice blended with spinach)

They also have healthy smoothies and we had OPM Blend as well as ABC Twist. Jan described OPM Blend as sweet but with the right kind of sour with it and ABC Twist for me is not the yummiest. I am obsessed with avocado but this smoothie was too bitter for me. I was waiting for a sweet kick but it never came. Maybe health enthusiast can appreciate it more because it really did taste healthy to me.


Fudged S’mores – fudge brownie with graham cracker crust topped with torched mallows.

They had amazing dessert choices that we had a hard time choosing from them. I love how they’re not all chocolate so there’s obviously room for me. Fudged S’mores is sweet and although it serves for one, it can easily be for two people and it’s really really cheap. You can check out the rest of their menu here on their Facebook page.

All in all, Brique can definitely last in the Cebu food scene. It fits right into your typical weekday dinner out with your friends or a pre-party dine in during weekends and enjoy a bottle of wine.

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