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Singapore Zoo and Night Safari

A few months ago, I went to Singapore and Malaysia with my family. One of their most popular tourist spot is the Singapore Zoo which is where we went on our first day!

There are three places you can visit in Mandai Lake area ; the Singapore Zoo, the River Safari and the Night Safari. Obviously, it’s given to visit the Night Safari at night, so you have your night already sorted out. The dilemma now would be where to go between Singapore Zoo and River Safari. I personally haven’t been to River Safari as this is our first time in Singapore , it is fairly new and their biggest attraction would be Kai Kai and Jia Jia  the pandas. They also have an amazon boat ride to cruise around the safari. Singapore Zoo on the other hand is your typical zoo but I was really looking forward to some of their animals and shows that we decided to choose the Zoo. It is still up to your personal preference but if you’d like to make the most of the zoo then I discourage you to go to both Singapore Zoo and River Safari on the same day because they’re massive and there’s just so much too see and scheduled shows to watch. It is possible but I believe you won’t get to enjoy all of them if you do both. Next time I visit Singapore then I’ll most probably go River Safari!

When you arrive in Singapore Zoo, don’t forget to ask for a map or if you have mobile internet, you can download their app to navigate around the zoo easily. You may also find on either map and app the schedule and venue for the shows you’d like to watch. There are 4 shows, each of which has 2 scheduled time slots so you have to plan your trek beforehand and make sure you’re near the venue 15 minutes early so you can get proper seats. I advise to take alternating shows and not those directly after each other because you need time to transfer to their respective venues. Click here for the Singapore Zoo map. Also, consider that you have to take breaks and plan ahead when you’re going to eat. There are restaurants inside the Zoo and there’s KFC near the gate if you’re not the adventurous and would want the familiar, as well as Ben & Jerry’s and a “food court” beside it with a variety of stalls and cuisine.


Entrance to the Zoo and Safari


And another one with my brother.


Treetops Trail, see map.


The flamingos just near the tiger trek. They’re so skinny but actually pretty.


Melman being majestic.


Frozen Tundra where you can view a polar bear.


Nope, not this one, there’s a real one in a caged water but he was sleeping so I couldn’t take a proper photo so hopefully this will do.


Not the Happy Feet kind but adorable nonetheless.


Munchin’ on some leaves.


The first show we watched at 11:30 is Elephants at Work and Play, a must see! Elephants are really magnificent creatures and the show depicts how intelligent and strong they can be, as well as being so cute despite their massive build.




The Shaw Foundation Amphitheatre where you can watch both Rainforest Fights Back and also a must-see Splash Safari! Watch the video below to see some of these shows in action. We haven’t seen only one show which is the Animal Friends Show but I’m quite sure it’s for kids so if you do have toddlers and young ones with you, make sure to drop by that show!


One of the presented animals, the peacock boasting its amazing tail feathers, after the Rainforest Fights Back show.



This is me after a day of roaming around the zoo, look at how fast I’ve tanned! Singapore is very hot and humid during summer so save yourselves and properly hydrate, bring umbrellas or anything for shade. The sun’s not really that healthy anymore so protect your skin as well.


It’s as if my brother’s a creeper behind me. Haha I didn’t even know he was there when they took this picture.

About 6 in the evening, the Night Safari won’t be open yet but it’d be good  to head over just outside their gates and sit in front of this stage:


Then you’ll see a very exciting Thumbuakar show at 6:45 before the gates open at 7:30.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

I have no photos left after this because flash isn’t welcome in night safari or else the night creatures will be disturbed. Before going through the safari ride, make sure you watch the Creatures of the Night show as it is really well-put and informative. Actually, I commend all the shows in both Singapore Zoo and Night Safari, the performers, animal trainers and the animals themselves put on really great shows. The tickets are well worth it!

If you’d like to see more animals and previews of the shows, watch my video here:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mctXP_lztT4]

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