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PxR Playlist of July 2014


Paul & I are self-professed music-discoverers and we’re such narcissists that we think we have good taste in music (because who doesn’t? haha) so starting this month, we’ll try and share our newly discovered songs. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a new song, it could be a very underrated one from the 90’s or something we’ve listened to before but we forgot existed so we’re listening to it again and remember how awesome it is. But aside from boasting our awesome music taste (questionable) is that we would want to know your discovered songs too, so if you may please, comment down below what you have been listening this month!


The Danceys
Best for proper chillin’ like a proper villain’ (and proper bass)

Tourist ft. Will Heard – I Can’t Keep Up Listen
Dillon Francis ft. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Without You Listen
Flume – Holdin’ On Listen
M.O – Dance On My Own Listen
Magic! – Rude Listen

The Uncategorised
Best for when everything’s in slow motion

Katie Noonan Listen / Daniella Andrade – Crazy Listen (Both covers of Gnarls Barkley)
Troye Sivan – Happy Little Pill Listen
Ellie Goulding – High For This Listen
Majid Jordan – A Place Like This Listen
Amel Larrieux – Afraid Listen

The Sads
With the unwanted explanation for each

Sam Smith – Restart Listen
Best for when you want to cry while dancing
“What do you want from me when I just want to restart? The truth is I’m better on my own and I don’t want to live in the past, so let me restart.”

This song is a current favorite. It has a disco beat which you can usually hear in a 90’s song so it has a very throwback pop vibe in it and can make you dance easily.. but it’ll also make you cry while dancing? I feel very bittersweet when listening to this one, mostly because it has a just-broke-up bitter part and a i’m-okay-i-can-move-on-so-go-away sweet part. I think it’s really good that Sam can actually deliver that message through his voice as well. You can hear the pain in it but also the stronger part in him who have just tasted freedom from a not-so-good past. This is my song to depression.

Sam Smith – Lay Me Down Listen
Best for travelling while you stare at the raindrops outside your window
“You told me not to cry when you were gone
But the feeling’s overwhelming, they’re much too strong”

I believe this is a break up song as well because it talks about being gone and all that but being in a long distance relationship for quite some time now, I honestly think break up songs that indicate there’s still love going on are just LDR songs being away and unable to reach out to each other. The hope of being back together again, the desperation of being beside each other and missing each other like crazy are just some of how it is in an LDR. I can quote everything from this song and every single line hits home. Sam Smith delivered nicely and more.

Sam Smith – I’ve Told You Now Listen
Add this to your staring at raindrops playlist
“Why do you think I come round here on my free will?
You’re everything I want
Why should I resist when you are there for me?”

Unrequited love, basically.

Sara Bareilles – Manhattan Listen
Best for when it’s cold and you just want to lie in bed or sit on your window sill watching people go about their lives or when you’re in Manhattan and would want a good cry
“When I was one half of two.”

I’ve been a fan of Sara for quite some time now and I know this is not a new song but for rainy days this is a lovely music to cuddle to with your pillow. She talks about letting go and has a painful peace in it.

As much as we want to explain The Danceys and The Uncategorised, it’s basically how it is. We just want to dance when we listen to it, no lyrical pull but it’s still great. The Uncategorised are the chilled ones that we listen to, no dance moves nor sad feelings. Just the casual wave of neutrals in you. Sometimes, you just don’t want to feel anything.

Enjoy the songs! We hope you’ll share your happy ear gems (jams) with us in the comments below!

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