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Throwback Ron Travels: York, England

Welcome to England! Oi, oi, oi! As you may have read my last post, that was a bye bye to Scotland for me. I travelled to West Yorkshire for 5 hours with Paul from Dundee. Toured around some of Northern England, thanks to his family, for a few days which you will be reading for the next posts but for today, let’s visit York! I have never given York a thought before except for the famous New York, but that’s in America yanno, so I never really had any expectations about it. It was a nice surprise that York turned out to be a charming town and like most of the places in the United Kingdom, full of history as well.


York has been a major centre for rail transport since it began in 1839. Thus, it is only appropriate to visit the National Railway Museum and be a Sheldon for the day.


Me with Paul’s family and it amuses me the different auras portrayed here. Haha

Home to historically significant locomotives as well as artefacts, National Railway Museum is considered a major museum in Britain. Welcoming you in the museum’s great hall would be different railway vehicles around a turntable. You’d be excited to find trains that look similar to Hogwarts Express, too bad I couldn’t find Platform 9 ¾.


Different locomotives around the Great Hall


The Mallard Experience is a simulator ride which you can find in the great hall and lets you experience how it is to ride the Mallard 75, an iconic vehicle which is considered Britain’s Greatest Steam Moment when it broke a world speed record of steam traction of 126 miles per hour making it the world’s fastest steam locomotive since July 3, 1938.


Inside a room adjacent to the great hall, you’ll find several artefact and important pieces from different historical vehicles including these little models of old trains which still had proper compartments instead of just seats.


I’m so fancy, you already know.


Choo, choo, fothermuckers!


The Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom and the motto of the Order of the Garter, Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense! (Or fcuk the haters in modern times.)




Clockwise: 1885 Livingston Thompson of Festiniog Railway, Atlantic Coast Express, Inside the Shinkansen, Japanese 0 Series Shinkansen


The boys being mesmerized by a painting of an old railway station


Outside the National Railway Museum

As much as York is a major railway centre, it was also primarily the nation’s transport system due to River Ouse as pictured below but has now become used mostly for river cruises.


At King’s Staith Landing and the Bridge St behind us.


York Castle used to be a fortified complex comprising of castles, prisons and other buildings but is now survived prominently by the Clifford’s Tower and the Debtor’s Prison with the Female Prison which are now part of the York Castle Museum, see what it used to be here.


Clifford’s Tower, the keep of York Castle




The Female Prison


A carousel at the Eye of York

A circular grassed area between the museum and the tower used to be called Eyes of the Ridings but is now known as Castle Green or Eye of York. The photo below shows the inside of the Clifford’s Tower on the left and the museum as well as the Eye of York on the right.


The tower is steep and wouldn’t recommend it if you’re afraid of heights because I am not and was still anxious looking down while on the top step.

Inside the museum, you’ll be able to play a game which will connect you from each part of the museum starting off with recreated rooms replicating styles from various eras.





Nope, those are not real animals. Yes, quite creepy.


Part of the Toy Stories



A series of rooms or cells which depicts life in prison


A part of the Kirkgate, a recreated Victorian street inside the museum

A 7-minute walk from the museum is the famous Shambles which is an old street in York with what seem like little crooked shops. The Shambles used to be a meat market which is why you’ll see some still has meat hooks outside the usual overhanging timber-framed buildings.


Ye Old Shambles


Little Shambles



No. 1 Shambles

Nearby the Shambles is also an iconic street called the Stonegate. It was considered as a central street since it had an underground access to the Basilica, the ceremonial centre of the Fortress, which is now visible in York Minster’s Undercroft Museum.


Ye Olde Starre Inne is one of York’s most historic pubs as it is York’s oldest licensed inn dated back to 1644.


York’s famous Purpleman in Stonegate above is a purple ‘cyclist’ performer who stays motionless for the duration of his performance. Another performer below seen on the streets with the York Minster peeking behind us.


Lund’s Court or Mad Alice Lane is one of York’s Snickelways which is famous for being named after an Alice Smith who was hanged at York Castle for apparently poisoning his husband in 1823.


Barley Hall is reconstructed medieval townhouse hidden in one of the little passageways in Stonegate.

A few steps away from Stonegate is the York Minster. York Minster is such a magnificent building the photos won’t do it justice.


I look so happy here because I just did the Creation of Adam pose with Constantine and decided not to post it as it is probably inappropriate. Don’t tell.


Outside York Minster



York Minster is the second largest Gothic cathedral in Northern Europe.


A 4-minute work from the York Minster is the Yorkshire Museum which we unfortunately didn’t go in but it houses the Cawood sword, “one of the finest Viking swords ever discovered”; the Coppergate Helmet from the 8th century which was discovered in York in 1982 and many others.


Walls of St. Mary’s Abbey

Surrounding the Yorkshire Museum is the York Museum Gardens which includes the ruins of St. Mary’s Abbey, the richest and largest Benedictine establishment in north of England.

York is definitely one of the must-visit places in England as it depicts many historical events quite justly. I am amazed as to how much these buildings and streets are still being maintained as if history belongs with us today. Imagine how these centuries old structures are being photographed by iPhones, amusing innit?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICYVI6YFMrA?list=PLkCVzvCZAhLlllDh8trlzVEqZGFuxCmjY&w=640&h=360]

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