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Throwback Ron Travels: Edinburgh, Scotland

Hello! I’m back with another throwback travel post! I’ve just started writing travel posts about my trip to the United Kingdom a year ago. You may find them here:

Travelling to United Kingdom

Glasgow Part I & Part II

Now, I’ll be sharing about my quick trip to Edinburgh!


Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland and shouldn’t be taken lightly (which I mistakenly did). I only spent half a day here and didn’t do proper research. 🙁 So as much as I want to brag on How To Take Over Edinburgh, this post will probably be How NOT To Take Over Edinburgh.

Contrary to Glasgow and its aura of inclination to modern times, Edinburgh boasts of its history and culture in a very straightforward manner. Being in the city centre alone can make you feel like you’re already part of the history.

From Dundee, we took a train and alight at Edinburgh Waverley Station. There are two main stations in Edinburgh, the Haymarket and the Waverley, always choose Waverley as it is directly under the city centre. Looking up from inside the station, you’ll see the Balmoral Hotel (formerly North British Hotel):


Balmoral Hotel

It is considered a landmark most especially to Harry Potter fans as this is where JK Rowling finished the Deathly Hallows. Specifically in room 652 on the 11th of January 2007. The room has since been renamed to JK Rowling Suite with a price of £1000 per night.

Coming out from this station, you’ll then have direct access to Princes Street or the main shopping street of Edinburgh with the occasional street entertainment.


We then went to The Edinburgh Dungeon for a combination of fright and history.


Me and my co-workers outside the Edinburgh Dungeon

The Edinburgh Dungeon might be scary for little kids but it was rather enjoyable especially when you’re in a group of teenagers who just can’t be fooled anymore. Haha All screams will certainly be sarcastic but you have to go with the flow and pretend to fully enjoy the experience because the actors are really, really good. My favorite would be the witch who was trying to lure a man from our group. Her acting was just spot on. There will also be a few historical explanations, challenges, forced-volunteers and a 2-second drop at the very end of the dungeon trip.

We then took the City Sightseeing hop on hop off bus, but it was already late (we took so much time inside the dungeon, shame) and it took a night route therefore I didn’t really see the Edinburgh Castle up front and other points of interest. Click here for the map. Tip: Ride the bus before 6 in the evening so you can experience the regular route. Also, the tour starts in Waverley Bridge, just above the Waverley Station.

From this point on, I can only share so little of what I’ve seen. There were too many interesting places that, at that time,  I didn’t know were important so I didn’t properly document everything. Sob. I wasn’t even sure where the Royal Mile was!


Edinburgh Waverley and my blurry face


Forgive my face but admire the Scott Monument behind me



Princes Street, Balmoral Hotel and the Scott Monument


Victoria Street

4Scotland’s largest library


Museum on the Mound


Edinburgh, the City of Festivals

Mostly during August, multiple festivals occur in Edinburgh and together they form the largest annual cultural festival in the world.



Snapped this little one on our way to Waverley Station going back to Dundee.

I have only really taken few decent snaps of my Edinburgh trip but I did a video of it and it had more content, so feel free to watch it below. But before that,  I feel like I owe you lot for not doing Edinburgh justice so here are the places that I have been, places I haven’t taken photos of but filmed and places I should’ve gone to:

  1. Royal Yacht Britannia
  2. National Museum of Scotland
  3. Edinburgh Castle
  4. Princes Street
  5. Balmoral Hotel – Where JK Rowling finished Harry Potter.
  6. Elephant House and Nicolson’s Cafe – Where JK Rowling wrote some of the early chapters of  the first book of Harry Potter.
  7. Arthur’s Seat – See all of Edinburgh.
  8. Grassmarket / Old Town / Victoria Street / Royal Mile
  9. Greyfriars Bobby Bar – The most famous dog who guarded his owner’s grave for 14 years, a statue of him just outside the bar.
  10. St. Gile’s Cathedral or the High Kirk of Edinburgh
  11. The Edinburgh Dungeon
  12. Royal Botanic Garden
  13. Our Dynamic Earth
  14. Mary King’s Close
  15. Scott Monument
  16. Holyrood Palace

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRl3lkzAk_I]

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