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Ron Eats: Asian Salad with Roasted Sesame Dressing

I’ve been crazy over roasted sesame dressing for months now and I want to share with you guys how to make an Asian salad with roasted sesame dressing. There will be no culinary magic involved here because it’s really easy, so I hope you won’t get disappointed?

What you need:


(1) Lettuce or your choice of green leafy vegetable.


(2, 3 ,4) Mangoes, grapes, oranges or any other fruits that’ll give off a nice oriental, sweet and sour flavor.

(5) Walnuts, cashew, almonds

(6) Roasted sesame dressing

Mix everything together as such:2

And voila! I wish I could give you a mind blown fact or something like that but it’s just so easy and yet so delicious! The ingredients blend together really well that there are no rules as to which goes first and whatnot. Use your own preferences and if you decide to recreate this one, tag me on instagram (@rondoesthings) or mention me on twitter (@rownaeh). I’d love to see your own! 🙂



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