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Throwback Ron Travels: Glasgow, Scotland (Part II)

Suuup. If you haven’t read my first post on Glasgow, then stop and click here. Paul & I decided to return to Glasgow almost a month after our first Glasgow visit. I think we already visited most of Scotland and thought we didn’t really see much of Glasgow. So one gloomy Saturday, we had a spur of the moment decision to take a train again to Glasgow. This time, on the Hop On Hop Off bus. If you’re interested, purchase tickets here and view the tour map here. This was a very laid back visit and we only spent a few hours but we saw more sights than our first visit. A quick tip, hop on hop off buses in the UK are actually very effective in the sense that they’ll be able to cover almost all of the must-see attractions, so if you’re just spending a day or less, might as well hop on one and save a day from getting lost and aching feet. We arrived in Glasgow and went directly to find the tour bus, which, at that time, we knew would only stop nearby Buchanan Galleries (last stop, stop 28). If you click the tour map as mentioned above, you’ll know the stops where you’ll be able to hop on one of the buses. Commence photo blog… (click on the names to learn about them)


The Clyde Arc (or the Squinty Bridge)


Glasgow Science Centre


Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre


My face and The Hydro behind me


BBC (duh)


The Tall Ship


Riverside Museum


University of Glasgow


Grass, man. I love clean grass.


The Hunterian


Wellington Church


Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum


Botanic Gardens. Also, werk it, Sir.


Botanic Gardens, still.


I think this is a Floo Network.


Drunk Truck


Quite eerie but I really like this photo

After the bus tour, we stopped at the Buchanan Galleries to have some light shopping but everything’s about to close. One thing that is very different from where I’m from is the shopping hours. In the UK, most of the shops close by 5 or 6 in the evening, so make sure you get your haul by then. Here in the Philippines, they usually close at 9, sometimes they have these midnight sales and would open until 2 in the morning or something. So it was very strange for me to see a deserted shopping area by 6pm. Anyways, Forever 21 is massive in Glasgow, so I went in, didn’t find anything. Went to other places, ended up not buying anything, so Paul & I decided to have our dinner in The Counting House in George Square. We would’ve gone to TGIF but they were full. We only wanted to eat BBQ ribs anyway and between The Counting House (JD Wetherspoons) and TGIF, there isn’t really much of a difference except TCH is more affordable. So if you happen to be visiting in Glasgow and craves for some meat, go The Counting House. Also, prepare ID’s. The Counting House is a pub so if you look young (like me), then you’ll surely get ID’d (like me). Interestingly enough, the bouncer actually talked to me and said he know where Manila (capital of the Philippines) is after looking at my passport (the only valid ID I have in the UK).

So there we go, that was the second part of my visit to Glasgow. If you want to watch a video about it and spend a couple or more minutes, here you go:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLcrUQvtKbw]

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